Friday, 21 August 2015

Let Responsible and Protect the Environment

Let Responsible and Protecting the EnvironmentAdvances in technology without protecting the environment impact brought about the destruction of the world. The rubbish that can not be recycled and hazardous chemicals that are not safe accumulate and add kerusahkan environment. Household appliances industry and the world, whatever we have to add damage to the world. Various kinds of activities generate waste that damage.

To protect the environment from pollution, the environmental crisis should everyone have to use household appliances that are environmentally friendly. Everyone should use materials that are environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Each person should be familiar with environmental issues and protecting the environment. Disposing of garbage should be split apart, should be set between that can be recycled and not. Must be at sorting of organic and non-organic.Also do not need to reduce pollution of the environment by not throwing garbage arbitrary. Using the vehicle as necessary one small example of the reduction of air pollution. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of us all.Another example of responsibility of protecting the environment is as follows:We can protect the environment through the reduction of the environmental crisis reuse of items that we use in addition we can recycle.Reduction in the use of goods related to shoppingDo not be too extravagant, many advertisements on television or anywhere invites us to wasteful and also add items that we use. We must not memeli goods or a new brand if we still have the goods that are still worth taking. In the shop do not use plastic, reduce the use of plastic garbage containers use environment-friendly and can be used repeatedly. In this way we can reduce the increase in the waste that damage the environment and do not protect the environment.own work
The portions were very good in a responsible manner to protect the environment is an attempt to recycle certain items instead of buying new type. We must change the habits that usually household rubbish we throw away carelessly and now we change to reusable or we recycle. Small items such as food place other than a place to drink, dishes, towels, diapers, or other furniture. Clothes, food, electronic goods such as television, radio, washing machine, clothes work if we do not like can be donated to others. In addition we get the reward of charity will also reduce waste wasted. We can create their own works of items such as envelopes, postcards, stamps wrapping paper or else we magic turned into other items.RecycleRecycling is an activity to modify or create new things from the goods which are not used. Utilizing goods or recycling every kind of goods. We must put things in place that we often use our easy reach. Items such as cardboard, glass, paper, ink cartridges, automobiles, footwear can all be recycled. We can collect items that can be recycled from other areas to our recycling. This was in addition to protecting the environment from the garbage also earn extra income.
And there are many more ways to protect the environment

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