Friday, 21 August 2015

Environmental Crisis Our Common Problems

Environmental Crisis - The problem that we face environmental crisis make our psyche is disturbed, the whole world is facing very concerned about the future impact of the crisis phenomena of this environment. Difficulty individually and in groups that have modern living in big cities are filled with many factories or vehicles that spend a lot of carbon dioxide gas and the air is not clean, the water is very dirty make drinking water unfit for full waste and ozone in the sky broken.

Temperatures rose to very hot to make the plants die, dry lake water, natural ecosystems in an imbalance. Unbalanced food chain started life uncomfortable. Residents complained of the heat. The body easily tired due to lack of oxygen as well as everyday life is not healthy.

The food we eat is not healthy start for dapak environmental crisis. All the food already contains toxins that are harmful to the body. There is no good healthy food to eat.

The environmental crisis caused by human error greedy and do not care about the environmental impact of everyday activism. Operation factories full of dirty smoke, exhaust fumes of motor vehicles, wastes and rubbish that we throw everything to make this earth broken. Air, water, soil and other environments are also damaged. As a result of the industrial revolution.

The fix is ​​to make people aware about the importance of awareness on the impact of the environmental crisis. All beliefs about healthy living should remain in campaigning. The environmental crisis should be informed early ranging from primary education up to higher education. The environmental crisis must also beratahukan to the general public in all places. All parties should be liable for the environmental crisis and prevent it.

Preventing environmental crisis could replant green trees make the forest green back. Planting trees in the home environment, planting trees in an environment that is still available. Make all existing environments into a green environment.

The government should also prevent logging forests, let alone cut down by burning the forest. The government also must prevent. The government should make public policies on the environment, the environmental crisis and the environmental impact. Must be made the rules clear and pro-green environment and should have a firm sanctions and severe punishments for violations of the environment. All the interest to prevent the environmental crisis.

Individually also should support programs that have been created by the government on the environment so that no environmental crisis. A small example is the mengjarkan children to love the environment, not littering, learn how to plant trees in the yard or around the yard so many green plants thrive. With lots of trees around us it will be a lot of oxygen available for living healthy.

Humans need oxygen for breathing every day and it is available when a lot of green trees all around us. Let's make this world a healthy, so it is not an environmental crisis.

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