Monday, 24 August 2015

The Beauty of The Natural Environment

The beauty of the natural environment - Unspoilt natural environment with full animals in it like tigers, snakes, elephants, birds fly really amazing. With large trees and rivers flowing fresh from the mountains was beautiful and refreshing. Everything is still wild. Everything is unsoiled.Today many people want a natural environment in the home environment. Then he began to nurture pets. Dogs, rabbits, snakes, cats, birds, lizards, rabbits began in peihara at home with the tame.
The Natural Environment
The animals were arrested at the start of the wild and domesticated environment beforehand so as not to create danger, but now many of which can be bought in the market or a seller of pet animals. Do not ask how mengkap from the wild, because if it was not the expert could be dangerous.The animals also need to be fed in order to grow up healthy and alive. All just as people who need to eat, drink and Lingkan healthy to develop. Equally important is also have hearts and feelings.In addition to the animals mentioned above these, there are also animals ang was already long in the interests maintained by humans to live and work. Like buffalo, cow, pig, chicken, and others. Buffalo, cows usual to process or gardens, chickens can lay eggs Seain the animals were able to meat that is full of nutrients. In addition to these animals is no longer a smaller sort of insect ant already started in human maintained.Natural scenery mountains, forests, waterfalls, fields, rivers, and its contents provide good benefits can not be denied that the natural environment is balanced, balanced ecosystem provides many benefits for us all.Indeed, happy is not the measure of the amount of money, but blend with the natural environment
we. A lot of money but if the lack of oxygen in the universe will die. A lot of money no water will die. Our mind is not just a money question, but also about how to blend with the natural environment. Good environment and clean not dirty polluted factory wastes, chemical. Not dirty and smells that make us bored.Back to the natural environment of pet animals at home There is one more very pleasant that dog. Dogs have a keen sense of smell. Able to be used to help the police in their duties expose the evil. Dogs can play with small children jumping running around taking the ball to the sema-bush.Every Sunday morning the dogs are invited his master go for a walk to lingungan home. Joggers meet with dogs ain their neighbors. They play together really fun. Fed delicious purchased at local pet food stores. Even though they were given vitamin healthy and grow properly. When the sick brought to the vet.

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