Thursday, 13 August 2015

What is Global Warming Environment?

What is it global warming environment?
Golbal warming becomes a significant problem at this time. Many people began to realize what it is about global warming and how to cope with as soon as possible. Starting from campaigns importance of keeping global warming environment sampa environment with little scope to a larger scope includes a campaign that raised by the governments of all countries in the world. All began to realize the importance of global warming environment.

We know that the earth and the natural world around us started there is a phenomenon that started hot no shade again. By the time we leave the house or in the same house, which has conditioned air of increasing heat. People are beginning to realize that the increase in hot air is very important to understand that it was the result of global warming environment. Even though there are many more who do not care about global warming, according to me it is a crime. We're just at the moment have felt the impact of global warming environment, let alone how to live our grandchildren later.
Global warming environment occurs on many factors, and one of them is due to human activity. With the development of technology, ranging from the construction of factories that add pollution to the smallest that many people use the materials are not environmentally friendly. Wastes disposal plant fumes, liquid or solid form all the destructive nature. Stout factory smoke containing carbon dioxide rising from the chimneys of many factories. Also the emissions of motor vehicles are not unstoppable increase. Household appliances use a lot of environmentally unfriendly environment and cause global warming.
Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Wash clothes in the home environment adds to the increasing global warming. Hardware AC, Fridge much use Freon which can cause the destruction of ozone in the air. Cleaners contain chemicals that pollute the water. Vehicles we use emit exhaust gases which also influenced the environmental damage to the exhaust fumes from the number of vehicles running.
Many are on the opinion that in order to reduce global warming environment starts from reducing the use of tools which produces flue gases and can create environmental damage. Damage to water quality, air quality damage all affect much to the destruction of the earth and the global warming impact of environment. Evidenced by increasing the air temperature in the environment around us is getting higher.
People began to realize that the handling is very important. Rain started to become more powerful and heavy with the wind, the river became a flood everywhere. Thus the news about climate change is highly in demand. News every day disaster live on televition. Even films documentary about the melting ice in the poles and the wider area of ​​the melting. Sea water temperature also increases as heat. The animals began to feel the impact. Many in certain areas of animal habitat became extinct as a result of the drought that hit.
How to reduce global warming on the environment is starting to change the mindset that we pay attention to a better environment must be done. Starting with yourself, family neighbors, the wider environment even until all States shall participate in activities that cause the earth green.

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